Cell Phone Booster Site Survey, Product Demo, and Installation

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My name is Brett Kerkman and I am located In Colorado Springs to help you overcome challenges with dropped cell phone calls and slow cellular data rates, but you may be asking yourself do cell phone boosters work? What about which product to buy, and where and how should to set this up?  RF-AV is now offering metered testing, demo setups 2 cell phone boosters (1 rated at 4000 sq ft and one up to 20,000 sq ft), and consulting on all the products needed to blanket your location with cell reception for reliable calls and fast data rates.



We want to make sure you get the most out of this consultation. Here are the guarantees you will give:

  1. 1. If a cell phone signal booster will work with a product demo of the following:
        • SureCall Fusion 4 Home - MSRP $549
        • SureCall Fusion 5x 2.0 Kit - MSRP $1399
        • If neither work, what options you still have (Yes you still have options that work)
    • 2. Best Location for external antenna using a signal meter
    • 3. Location of internal antenna(s) based upon signal propagation and cable routing possibilities
    • 4. Best practices for initial setup and ongoing service.
    • 5. Bill of Material for every accessory, tool, nut and bolt needed to complete the job.


    Consultation Rates

    Under 10,000 sq ft

    • Colorado Springs Metro (El Paso County) - One-Time Fee $125 No charge through the remainder of 2018
    • Denver Metro - One-Time Fee $150 $50 through the remainder of 2018
    • Colorado Elsewhere - $.55 / mi round trip from 80907 zip code Plus $250 for overnight stay if over 6 hours round trip -or- $150 minimum One-Time Fee (ex. Steamboat Springs 450 mi RT or $247.50 plus $250 for overnight = $497.50)

    Over 10,000 sq ft

    • Contact us as this will be based upon anticipated hours vested
    • $250 minimum one-time fee plus mileage


    Option to Buy Demo Unit

    If you are ecstatic about the results from the demo and wish to purchase the demo unit, we have an option to buy with a discount to the consultation rates.

    •  Product @ MSRP (tax included)
    • 1/2 price consultation rate (unless adding professional installation)

    Option for Professional Installation

    I am a SureCall Level 2 Certified Installer which ensures we'll get the job done right. Ultimately, the rates are based upon the complexity of the installation. Typical rates for the units demoed are $1000 for 1 inside and 1 outside antenna.

    • Covers adjustments of the unit for 6 months to guarantee optimal performance.
    • Consultation rates will be waived (mileage added outside of Colorado Springs or Denver)

    Payment Options

    Cash, Check, or Credit Card

    Outside of Colorado Springs or Denver metros, please pay in advance.


    For Scheduling Please Call (800) 239-0312