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    CT504HDX Black Gepco Brand Four-channel Heavy-duty Tactical Cat5e Snake

    CT504HDX Black Gepco Brand Four-channel Heavy-duty Tactical Cat5e Snake

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    Heavy-duty tactical Category 5e cable for portable or remote patching of Ethernet networks or digital audio/video formats that utilize CAT5e type interconnects. The CT504HDX features the same double jacket construction as the original CT504HD for exceptional durability, but with solid conductors for lower attenuation that allows for the full recommended TIA distances for Cat5e network cable. The inner jacket maintains the proper physical spacing between pairs to achieve the ISO/IEC or TIA Cat5e specifications, while the durable TPE outer jacket protects the cable from physical damage or abuse. The CT504HDX is intended for use with Neutrik EtherCon® connectors and is also available from Gepco as preterminated cable assemblies.



    Durable TPE Outer Jacket


    Unique Inner Belt Maintains Electrical Characteristics in Portable Applications

    Meets or Exceeds ISO/IEC & TIA Standards for Cat5e Cable

    Stranded or Solid 24 Gage Conductors

    100MHz Bandwidth

    Terminates with Neutrik EtherCon® Connectors


    Ethernet Network Patching

    For Portable Use or Remote Environments