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    Gepco Brand HDC3R Three-channel Hybrid Fiber Riser Rated

    Gepco Brand HDC3R Three-channel Hybrid Fiber Riser Rated

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    1000 ft spool of Gepco part # HDC3R

    Black Gepco Brand Three-channel Permanent-installation Hybrid Fiber Riser Rated

    The HDC3R three-position hybrid fiber cable is a unique solution for the distribution of up to three SMPTE hybrid fiber camera positions in a permanent installation application. Each channel within the HDC3R features a group of elements that consist of: two single- mode fibers, two auxiliary copper conductors, two signal copper conductors, and a foil shield with drain wire. The foil shields feature non-conductive backings and edges to provide electrical isolation between the three shields. The single-mode fiber elements feature a break-out-style Kevlar and PVC jacket construction for added durability and secure connector termination. The PVC jacket is orange with a yellow stripe for easy identification and has a low friction surface for easy installation through conduit.


    • Unique Hybrid Composite Construction
    • Low-loss Single-mode Optical Fiber
    • Three Groups of Fiber and Copper Elements
    • Interconnects up to Three SMPTE 304M Based HD Camera Systems
    • Cost Effective
    • UL Riser Rated


    • High Definition Camera to CCU Interconnects
    • Permanent Installation
    • Terminates only to SMTPE Bulkhead or HDR(A) Distribution Racks

    Mechanical Specifications

     Part # Optical
    Shield Jacket
       HDC3R  6 (3 Groups of 2)
    Single-mode Fiber Optic 
    (8.3µm Mode Field,
    125µm Cladding)
    6 (3 Groups of 2)
    24 AWG
    Stranded TC
    6 (3 Groups of 2)
    18 AWG
    Stranded TC
    3 (1 per Group) 100% Foil with 24 AWG Stranded TC Drain PVC