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    Lutron Sivoia shade control SVQ-PCBL / OEM LUTRON-P-RED

    Lutron Sivoia shade control SVQ-PCBL / OEM LUTRON-P-RED

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    1000 ft reel of Lutron SVQ-PCBL Cable

    White OEM Systems Lighting Control for Lutron Sivoia Shade Control SVQ-PCBL Equal Plenum Cable Reel

    LUTRON-P-RED Features and Benefits

    • Lutron control and power cable
    • Equivalent to SVQ-PCBL
    • Twisted, shielded 18 AWG shielded quad
    • Twisted, unshielded 16 AWG power pair
    • 18 AWG single for sensor wire
    • Plenum rated PVC jacket with a red stripe
    • NEC CMP, CEC CMP FT6, RoHS compliant
    • 1000 foot spools

    LUTRON-P-RED Applications

    • OEM window drapery motor power and control
    • Class 2 and class 3 low voltage power
    • Systems instrumentation and control