Times Microwave TCOM-400-FS-DB

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The Times Microwave TCOM-400-FS-DB (MI-55019) low loss, braided coax cable offers similar performance compared to corrugated copper products but with higher flexibility and simplified connectorization. This coaxial cable is flame-retardant and provides flexible high performance. The 3/8 inch 50 Ohm coax cable has a stranded bare copper center conductor. Shield coverage of 90 percent provides low loss characteristics.

This low loss coax cable is ideal for use on COWs or rugged tactical applications.

Product is made to order.

1 ea = 1 ft so if you need 50 ft add qty 50.

in the notes indicate which connectors you wish to use. Or simply let us know what you are connecting and we will provide the correct terminations.