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Kramer 10 Port Universal 12 Volt Power Supply

Kramer 10 Port Universal 12 Volt Power Supply

SKU / MPN: VA-102P12/110V
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Model VA-102P12/110V Part No 60-80161310

The VA−102P12 is a 10−output power supply that powers 12V DC powered devices. The VA−101P12 can supply a maximum of 1A of current to each of ten devices for a total of 10A. The power supply is especially useful in high−population installations for saving space and eliminating a large number of 12V DC power adapters. The MD model is suitable for medical applications.

  •  Space Saving — Replaces up to 10 individual 12V DC power supplies for Kramer TOOLS™, Kramer PicoTOOLS™, and Kramer 12V DC Desktop models.
  •  Outputs — 10 12V DC outputs that supply 1A max. current for each output for a total of 10A total.
  •  Indicator — Power LED.


  •  High–population installations of 12V DC devices