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    Kramer Vibrating Transducer with 70/100V transformer

    Kramer Vibrating Transducer with 70/100V transformer

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    Vibrating Transducer with 70/100V transformer Model YARDEN-VT-2 Part No 60-000078

    Yarden VT−2 is a revolutionary vibrating transducer speaker that transforms any solid resonant surface into a powerful, high−quality speaker. The compact Yarden VT−2 can be discreetly attached to the surface or underside of any table, wall or door and utilizes vibration to emit sound evenly from that surface. Yarden VT−2 is safe to use on nearly any surface and eliminates the hassle of positioning conventional speakers around a room. The Yarden VT−2 includes a selectable 70V/100V line transformer for Hi or Lo−Z applications.

    •  Vibrating Transducer — Nearly any surface, wall or table becomes a quality speaker.
    •  Power Rating — 10W @8Ω.
    •  Very Compact.
    •  Easy Versatile Installation — Under the table, on–wall, in–wall.
    •  Selectable Line Transformer — Choice of 70V/100V using a line transformer, or 8Ω when switching to bypass the transformer.
    •  Kramer Patent Pending.