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4K Upgrades to the Universal HDMI Adapter Ring

Recently, Liberty AV Solutions added 4K DisplayPort and 4K Mini-DisplayPort compliant adapters to their patented Digitalinx branded Universal HDMI Adapter Ring. Many buyers of the adapter ring are still unaware of this, so I am writing this blog to shed some light on the products and what the new part numbers are to upgrade some of the more popular adapter ring configurations to 4K.

If you are new to the HDMI Adapter Ring, this is a great problem solver for meeting spaces and training and educational arena. It came about because we have manufacturers of mobile devices and laptops all using different ports to connect to an HDMI display. In spaces where you have numerous collaborators, it was very difficult to companies to keep track of all the different adapters. Hence, Liberty created the HDMI adapter ring to keep all of your adapters in one place and clamp it to the HDMI cable to prevent someone from running away with it. The original part number is DL-AR.

First let's link to the adapters themselves on RF-AV.com

ARDP4KHF - 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

 ARMDP4KHF 4K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

 AR-DP4K-HDF - 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Cable Adapter

AR-MDP4K-HDF - 4K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable Adapter

Most Popular HDMI Adapter Rings Upgraded to 4K

All these combinations have lead time currently, but I've noted RF-AVs items for stock beginning 3/9. These are in no particular order.

DL-AR523 becomes the DL-AR3974 (Stocking)

Popular for schools - DisplayPort and Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapters.

DL-AR1906 becomes the DL-AR4037 (Stocking)

I don't think it gets any better than this combination here if you want to future proof your meeting/conference room. About the only thing that's not covered is the Apple Lightning adapter for iPad. The iPad is a quick fix if you add the DL-AP and get the tool kit T10PD to add the lightning to HDMI certified adapter from Apple (or if you want it fully assembled the DL-AR4517 is the SKU). No need for the Apple Certified USB-C adapter as this will work with Apple laptops with USB-C.

DL-AR2618 or DL-AR5596 is now DL-AR4074 (Stocking)

The SKUs for the older versions were not exactly hot, but that's because the USB-C hadn't totally made an impact yet. This ring combination will cover you in most situations. DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort, and USB-C.

DL-AR397 becomes the DL-AR4437 (Stocking)

One of the simplest combinations, this happens to be one of the top grossing products. DisplayPort and Mini-DisplayPort Adapters.

DL-AR2 is the DL-AR4162 with the 4K upgrade (Stocking both)

It should be no surprise that the DL-AR2 is the 2nd most popular HDMI Adapter Ring from Liberty and this new combo shows plenty of promise.

Finally, the original DL-AR turns into the DL-AR3979

RF-AV is not stocking, because we believe the DVI to HDMI has ran its coarse. Please let us know if you feel otherwise.

There are a bunch more popular Universal HDMI Adapter Rings that Liberty AV offers (as seen on the "Top 10 HDMI Adapter Rings" page), however I did not feel the need to bring in the rings that included Apple Lightning. Perhaps another Blog. 

Do let us know if you have any questions. Just visit the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.