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RF-AV Canada

RF-AV can ship to Canada! And, we currently have some products there right now. RF-AV is supplier of Audio Visual Connectivity products and In-Building Wireless solutions. On the AV connectivity side, we are 100% dedicated to Liberty AV Solutions (formerly known as Liberty Wire & Cable) products. In this blog, I want to cover expectations as for as cost of shipping, duties, and taxes to ship to Canada as well as our stock at Amazon's facilities.

Most of what we have to offer Canada will be AV products, WiFi products, and other open spectrum wireless solutions*. Ideally, we work with IT/AV departments and the technical go to people of their respective organization. Though some of the items we provide require little to no technical "know how", most of what you will find here on RF-AV.com takes some technical finesse. What we provide on Amazon will be the least technical. First, let's start with expectations of shipping, duties, and taxes of items you wish to purchase off RF-AV.com.

Here is what a screen shot of what checkout will look like if you were to purchase the most popular item on this site, the DL-AR Universal HDMI Adapter Ring and are in Ontario.

The shipping time and cost only tells part of the story. As far as time, UPS Worldwide Express 1 day probably will not arrive to you in 1 day. This is because the package needs to clear customs. So, go ahead and add a day to be safe.

As far as cost, this will be the cost to ship, but their will be some money due to receive the product in Canada. If you have a customs broker you will already understand this. If not, here is a rough estimate for this particular order: GST (tax) is simple if you are a commercial address @ 5%, but if you are residential, it gets weird (up to 15%). Plus you may be looking at additional fees. Here is a great resource to look this up and estimate what you will owe in addition. Duties and taxes calculator:


This DL-AR is showing an additional CAD$18.20.

If your total order over $1000 let us know and we can get you some product discounts to offset the shipping cost.

Products Currently in Stock in Canada via Amazon

DigitaLinx DL-AR | 5 Universal HDMI Adapter Ring Complete Assembly

Liberty AV Solutions DL-AR2 Universal HDMI Adapter Ring with 4 Adapters

DigitaLinx DL-AP | Security Clamp to Attaching Apple Adapters to DL-AR System

4K Liberty AV/DigitaLinx HDMI Adapter Ring DL-AR4074

4K Liberty AV/DigitaLinx HDMI Adapter Ring DL-AR4074



Wrapping this blog up, do let me know if you see any discrepancies or if you know of a better way to bring products into Canada from the US.