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What's Our Goal at RF-AV

What's this RV-AV all about? The short answer is RF = Wireless and AV = Audio Visual. But why we exist and how we bring value to the technology market is a much deeper discussion.

Writing this post, the first thing that jumps out is that I say we. The fact is right now there is only 1 employee and a few contractors working this right now. So, when I say the word we, I am thinking about the RF-AVs future self. Maybe at a team of 5+ there will be an official "we". The main thing I want to drive at; is establishing the proper core belief to carry on through the life of the business from 1 employee to however many "we" end up with. So let's get into the "why" statement.

"We" at RF-AV believe that we can help your organizations tech staff gain the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently install wireless and audio visual technology that you previously had to source outside of your organization. This knowledge we provide through training, design assistance, product recommendations, and DIY web posts. We feel that this added value is enough to be your company's primary source for your Audio Visual and Wireless technology products.

I can further break down the segments of this statement if it helps, and if you haven't already fallen asleep.

As far as "tech staff", this may be IT personnel, the AV department, or possible just the guy or gal that seems to have a handle on technology in your organization. The first thing "we" need to understand is your organizations technology needs. If we don't understand what your current setup is, plans for the future, and how that all fits into your companies core values, we won't succeed. So obviously we will be able to gain this information over the phone or email directly with you, but we will also be doing intense research on industry trends so that can have a close understanding to what your doing before we get to know you. This latter part of the equation will come out in our blogs.

Wireless is literally all things wireless. Perhaps you need to improve In-Building wireless for IoT sensors, need a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for cell phone reception, need to improve WiFi through the building, or maybe you need to shoot a wireless signal between 2 warehouses a quarter of a mile apart. We can assist with all these things and more.

Getting into the specifics of what Audio Visual environments we cater to, RF-AV's primary target markets are Corporate AV and Educational facilities (K-12 and higher ed). Within those environments we focus board rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, and digital signage. As of the time I am writing this, the products we primarily carry are pretty much anything between the source and the display (ie. HDMI cables, presentation switchers, and so on). Items like projectors and media players we may offer down the road, but we do offer smart touch screen displays.

I think this covers the "we believe" statement. One more thing that is very important to mention, our slogan is "Technology with Speed and Ease". We want to apply this to every part of our business. As far as,the products you buy from us, we want them to have a fast data rates, be fast to setup, and be easy to setup and use. The simplest example we have is Liberty AV Solutions Universal HDMI Adapter Ring. Get a display, an HDMI cable, and attach the HDMI adapter ring to the HDMI cable and you have a meeting room in minutes that anyone can bring whatever device to.

Not only does the slogan "Technology with Speed and Ease" apply to products, it also applies to our operations. We want to get you products fast, and we want to be easy to work with. We piggyback on Amazon for some of our warehousing needs.This way we can have our hottest products strategically located all over the country. We are constantly improving our web interface to be easy to use. But if web browsing is out of the question, no problem, just pick up the phone and call. It's just that easy.

For those who have jumped on board with us so far, we thank you! May we enjoy the amazing path to success together!