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    E-HDVAM-M-10 10' Tabletop HDMI, VGA and Audio hybrid cables

    E-HDVAM-M-10 10' Tabletop HDMI, VGA and Audio hybrid cables

    SKU / MPN: E-HDVAM-M-10
    GTIN: 601446159217
    Liberty AV Solutions
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    The E-HDVAM-M-10 10 ft Tabletop HDMI, VGA with Audio cable assembly is designed to be an extremely convenient cable for presenters and presentation systems. The cable pairs together high quality HDMI and VGA with stereo audio cables for clean installation environments. Ranging in lengths from 6 ft to 19 ft, the end user will no longer have to struggle with knotted cables going to their AV equipment.

    The HDMI portion of the E-HDVAM-M-10 cable assembly can pass video up to 4k x 2k, including 3D, and supports multichannel audio, ARC, CEC, and Ethernet. There are no missing connections in the VGA portion of the cable assembly, which means the DDC channel is intact and will properly pass EDID information.

    One end of the E-HDVAM-M-10 cable assembly separates the HDMI from the VGA with stereo audio ends about eight inches from each other to connect to a range of AV devices: from a typical TV or projector to more advanced devices, such as the Intelix ASW-WP auto-switching wall plate or DIGI-P122/P123 presentation scaling switchers. The other end of the cable assembly features a much longer stereo audio whip to accommodate those computer sources where the audio output is not near the video output.

    Don't Forget the HDMI Adapter Ring

    Features and Benefits

    • Digital HDMI and Analog VGA plus Audio in one cable
    • Siamese or SPT type cabling format
    • 28 AWG HDMI for superior bandwidth and headroom
    • 32 AWG coaxial VGA for WUXGA to 19 feet
    • UL and CSA listed product, AWM for non in-wall use
    • 10.2 Gbps / 4Kx2K / 3D / Audio Return / CEC / Ethernet


    • Tabletop or podium mobile device connection
    • Presentation systems and boardroom A/V connectivity
    • Inter and Intra device Interconnection

    Technical Specifications
    I/O Connections
    HDMI Male HDMI Type A connector
    VGA Male DB-15 connector
    Analog Audio 3.5 mm TRS plug
    HDMI Supported Video, Audio and Ethernet
    HDMI Maximum Video Compatibility Deep Color 48 Bit at 1080p, 3D, and 4k x 2k
    Video Compliance HDMI, HDCP, and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)
    Embedded Audio Up to PCM 8 channel, Dolby Digital TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio
    Maximum Bandwidth 10.2 Gbps
    Ethernet 100 Mbps
    VGA + 3.5mm Supported Video and Audio
    VGA Maximum Supported Video Resolution Up to 2560x2048
    Analog Audio Support Up to 48 kHz sampling rate
    Cable Construction
    HDMI Connector Material Molded PVC
    HDMI Connector Dimensions 20.5x11x31.6mm
    VGA Connector Material Molded PVC
    VGA Connector Dimensions 33x14x28mm
    Analog Audio Connector Material Molded PVC
    Analog Audio Connector Dimensions 10.3mm diameter, 36.75mm length with strain relief included
    Jacket Material Flexible PVC
    Cable Construction Copper
    Overall Cable Size 12.8 mm x 7.3 mm
    Minimum Bend Radius 73mm
    Maximum Tensile Load 10Kg
    Available Cable Lengths 1.8 m (6 ft), 3 m (10 ft), 4.5 m (15 ft), 5.8 m (19 ft)
    Environmental Requirements
    Operating Temperature 0° to +50° C (+32° to +122° F)
    Operating Humidity 20% to 85%, Non-condensing
    Storage Temperature -30° to +50° C (-22° to +122° F)
    Storage Humidity 20% to 85%, Non-condensing
    Power and Regulatory
    Regulatory AWM 20276 80°C 30V VW-1, RoHS