About Us

RF stands for radio frequency or in the case of this website, it means all things wireless. AV is the abbreviation for Audio Visual. Here at RF-AV.com we hope to bring the best blend of AV and Wireless technology for meetings, conferences, and educational institutions.

Our slogan is "Technology with Speed and Ease"​. We apply this mindset to every part of our business. This is straight forward when it comes to the kinds products we have to offer. The technology with speed and ease also applies to our operations. We want to be easy to work with and get you what you want when you want it.

Our most popular products are:

  • HDMI Adapter Rings -for bring whatever device you have meeting room connectivity.
  • In-Building Wireless -products to improve WiFi, Cellular, and two-way
  • Wireless HDMI -for those situations when you need to get a video signal from source to display but the running wires is not feasible
  • Wireless Media Gateways -like the adapter ring solution but without wires. Just bring whatever to the meeting room and display it wireless.
  • Low Voltage Wiring

We are based out of Nebraska and serve all of the United States and the majority of the rest of the globe.


Priority Initiatives

RF-AV understands the importance of waste management through reduction of materials, the reuse of packaging, and recycling where reuse cannot be done. RF-AV believes in the lowering its carbon footprint, by keeping up with current methods. We exhibit diversity by seeking out suppliers who have written diversity strategies. 

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