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All bases covered

That vision soon grew to include loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, powered mixers, computer-based recording and DJ products, microphones, headphones, wireless systems, musical instruments and professional lighting systems. All of which have something in common; they are loaded with professional features, provide exceptional performance – and you can afford them.


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Discover EUROCOM, the new standard for installed systems: New ideas, breathtaking technologies, a unique design aesthetic, flexibility – and tremendous value! Built for permanent installations in coffee houses, quick serve and high energy restaurants, family restaurants, small house of worship, grade schools, middle schools, and more.


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Passion for tone

Bugera is an exclusive guitar and bass amplifier brand dedicated to top-shelf vacuum tube and hybrid amplifier design. Developed in cooperation with world-famous recording and performing artists, every amplifier and speaker cabinet is built by hand to meet your highest expectations, in terms of both tone and performance. Our passion for the ultimate in tonal versatility gives Bugera a personality as unique as your own.


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Favored by professionals around the world

Founded by two brothers, Phil and Terry Clarke in the early 1970s, Klark Teknik has been providing studio and live engineers with high quality graphic equalisers and other signal processors for more than three decades. The highly revered DN370 and DN360 analogue graphic equalisers changed professional sound forever, putting a new level of precision at the fingertips of the world's most accomplished audio engineers.


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Audio mixing perfected

Midas has been recognized as the premier designer and manufacturer of audio mixing consoles since its inception in the early 1970s. Acclaimed for many groundbreaking achievements in digital mixing and audio networking, Midas leads the industry with cutting-edge innovation and quality products, designed by some of the world’s best engineers dedicated to providing you and your audience with the best possible audio experience.


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Legendary performance for legendary artists

Turbosound began life as a PA rental company in the late 1970s, and quickly evolved into one of the world's largest and most respected loudspeaker providers. You've heard us in concert halls on tour with major artists such as Pink Floyd and a host of others - and in prestigious performance facilities around the world. Turbosound loudspeakers will elevate your sound to "legendary" status.


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