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    Liberty AV Solutions
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    Don't be a loser - Eliminate your company's panic & expense when presentation adapters go missing or get lost! Liberty AV Solutions patent-pending tensile aircraft strength ring & clamp locks on the HDMI cable going to your display keeping any adapter you may need is at your fingertips.
    Not only do you get a solid and reliable connection, but the adapters are guaranteed to stay locked to the HDMI cable so they won't get lost for the next presentation!
    This DigitaLinx Adapter Ring Includes:
    * 1 Interseries adapter micro HDMI "D" male to HDMI "A" female (ARMDHD)|
    * 1 Interseries adapter Mini-DisplayPort male to HDMI female (ARMDPHD)|
    * 1 Interseries adapter Full sized DisplayPort male to HDMI female (ARDPHD)|
    * 1 Apple Certified Adapter Lightning (M) to HDMI (F) and Lightning (F) to power device (MD826AM/A)|
    * 1 MHL Compatible micro USB to HDMI adapter cable (AR-MHLM-HDF)|
    * 1 Adapter Cable USB "C" male to HDMI female 9 inches long (AR-UCM-HDF)|
    * 1 Security clamp to attach Apple Adapters to DL-AR system (DL-AP)|
    * 1 Base security clamp, cable and hardware for DL-AR system (DL-CL)|

    CLICK HERE for a list of every HDMI adapter available for the Universal HDMI Adapter Ring (DL-AR)

    All HDMI Adapter Ring Orders come with a Free Tool (Part # T10PD)

    Step-by-Step Instructions to Secure the Ring to Your HDMI Cable

    Looking for a Custom Solution for Different Adapters? Click here to create your own on Liberty's Website. Then come back here and search for it.

    See the Original HDMI Adapter Ring Configuration