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4x1 2-Piece Conference Room Auto Switcher 4K Extender
4x1 2-Piece Conference Room Auto Switcher 4K Extender
4x1 2-Piece Conference Room Auto Switcher 4K Extender

4x1 2-Piece Conference Room Auto Switcher 4K Extender

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The DigitaLinx DL-SE3H1V-C is a 4K compatible, 4 input multi format A/V auto switcher, extender and video scaler system that supports long distance transport of HDMI between transmitter and receiver up to 70 meters / 230’ using Cat6 cabling. System supports PoE , receiver powers transmitter.

The DL-SE3H1V-C features a total of 3 video inputs on the transmitter; (2) HDMI, (1) VGA with 3.5 Audio and (1) HDMI input located on the receiver for integration of a local HDMI input such as a wireless BYOD / screen share product. The receiver also features a stereo analog audio output to connect to an audio amplifier for audio reinforcement, an RS232 serial control port for display control / connectivity and two relay ports for projection screen or window shade control / connectivity.

The DL-SE3H1V-C can be controlled via push button control on the transmitter and receiver or by issuing telnet and serial commands when integrated with a 3rd party control system. The system can be programmed to automate RS232, CEC and relay control when a new video signal is introduced to the system thus creating a stand alone, plug and play A/V automation system that consolidates control of a connected display and room peripherals such as a projector screen or window shade.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use local collaboration switching/extension/display control system
  • 2 HDMI & 1 VGA with audio inputs on TX plus 1 HDMI input on RX
  • HDMI input on RX offers connectivity for remote devices such as wireless BYOD gateways
  • HDBaseT w/PoE extension
  • Integrated scaling up to 4k
  • Integrated display controller with 1 RS232, 2 relays, and CEC control can issue power on/off commands to display and open/close relays when source device is connected / disconnected
  • Audio de-embedding
  • Auto switching, manual control, or 3rd party control via TCP/IP
  • Simple automation control triggers commands when signal is presented or removed
  • Extend signal up to 70M
  • Receiver powers transmitter


  • Huddle rooms, small to medium sized conference spaces
  • Perfect for any application where local collaboration / screen sharing is desired
  • This system can be programmed to power on/off displays via RS232 or CEC and open/close relays and can be triggered by connecting a source to any input / removing sources or this device can be controlled via 3rd party control system


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