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DL-SP HDMI Surge Protector

DL-SP HDMI Surge Protector

Liberty AV Solutions
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The DigitaLinx DL-SP is an HDMI Surge Protector. The DL-SP is an ideal solution designed to protect HDMI devices against electro-static discharge, surges & spikes from mains, or lightning strikes that cause electrical transients up to 15000 Volts (air) and 8000 Volts (contact).

The DL-SP offers 3D, HEC and ARC passthrough from compatible source to sink devices. The DL-SP is active on all HDMI TMDS channels offering lossless signal transmission while performing as the best line of defense against ESD and lightning surge. DL-SP provides hassle-free install with integrated mounting brackets and passive design without requiring a power supply.

Features and Benefits

  • Inline surge protector for HDMI cable runs
  • Protects the input and output from ESD and lightning surges
  • HDMI 1.4 and HDCP compliant
  • Meets IEC 61000-4-2, 61000-4-4, and 61000-4-5 surge protection requirements


  • HDMI Multimedia Switching and Distribution
  • Digital Signage, Restaurant and Bar, Residential HDMI

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