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V57PW Liberty HDMI Panel Mounted Power Inserter

V57PW Liberty HDMI Panel Mounted Power Inserter

GTIN: 60144616508
Liberty AV Solutions
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The V57PW HDMI® Power Inserter is a device designed to power both sides (2‐way) of an HDMI circuit.  This short coupler cable with a power jack and included USB power supply and cable is ideal to couple two active HDMI cables together.  This unit has one end designed to be mounted on a wall plate as the Host receiving end.  A short 150mm cable joins the Client receptacle for the remote end.  The flexible cable allows the exit HDMI cable to be routed for least stress on the cable.

Active cables have introduced a new wrinkle in the audio visual spectrum.  Typically copper active cables require power at the receiving or Display end.  If the circuit ends in a wall plate coupler, there is no power and the cable may not function.  This power inserter provides power at the wall plate.  Today, many of the cables on the back side of the wall plate are also active, typically active optical cables.  Active Optical Cables require powered receptacles on both the send and receive sides.  The power inserter delivers USB specification 5VDC 500mA power to both active cables in the circuit.

Liberty has designed the V57PW to match the same cutout and screw pattern as our V57 HDMI passive coupler.  This allows for easy swap out in a circuit that suddenly needs power or the passive coupling solution does not allow for power insertion.  The unit ships with a power supply and 1 meter USB A to 1.3mm power cable.  If a longer cable is needed, a screw terminal to 1.3mm plug can be used with 18 AWG 2 conductor cabling.

Care must be taken with the unit to ensure the 5VDC 500mA power is not applied against a source receptacle.  HDMI certified and compliant devices would not be affected; but many products on the market do not have an HDMI approval process.  OEM switches, DA’s, and other extenders may be affected or even damaged by the power.  Use of an active cable in the patching schema will consume that power and prevent power potential against the source or receiver receptacle.

V57PW Features and Benefits

  • HDMI Panel Mount "A" female to "A" female Dongle
  • USB - 1.3mm Power Cable and USB 5V 500mA power supply
  • Fused regulated circuit for clean power protection
  • Short flexible cable to route the HDMI feed
  • Bi-Directional Power for both sides of the circuit
  • Can be used in a Plate or as a stand alone device

V57PW Applications

  • Permit Active HDMI cable powering at the plate
  • Address power loss issues caused by patching cables
  • Power Active Optical Cables at the plate

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